UAV Applications

UAVs for non-military applications can be sophisticated and complex platforms upon which pieces of technology (image capturing devices and sensors) can be used for a variety and vast array of missions, in safe and organized methodologies to capture meaningful data. Of course, one needs to be aware of current and local laws/ordinances when piloting a UAV. To see some of the US and FL laws, see Existing US and FL laws for UAVs

“Uses not impinging upon 4th Amendment or one’s privacy….”

  • How important is it to save a lost child, or somebody with dementia? Survivors from a boating accident?
  • Would it be beneficial to reduce the amount of chemicals used in farming? How about reduced irrigation?
  • What if a fireman didn’t have to enter a building with a compromised roof or supporting structure?
  • Can a reduction in the mosquito population benefit the local neighborhood?
  • Do you think citrus farmers should know when blight occurs, and where?
  • If a hurricane slams into Florida, how quickly do you want services restored?
  • To what lengths should law enforcement reduce the risk of death or injury to a policeman or policewoman?
  • Does wildlife monitoring improve management of endangered species?
  • Does realtime data provide for better decision making with water flow in the Everglades?